CollAborazione TransfronTaliEra per Diagnosi innovative di patologie Rare in pediatriA


Project summary:

The so-called "rare diseases" do not receive adequate study and research attention from the scientific community and pharmaceutical industry. Many of these diseases occur in children and require continuous diagnostic and therapeutic efforts to improve the quality of life of affected children and to minimize the socio-economic impact on families and health system. In the Programme Area already exist consolidated clinical and scientific skills, especially in the cross-border axis between the IRCCS Burlo Garofolo of Trieste and the Pediatric clinic of the University of Ljubljana who  already cooperate on research on some rare diseases such as immune-mediated inflammatory diseases. However, the following are still missing:

  1. a) patient-centered diagnostic methods capable of defining specific individual pathological profiles and targeted treatments;
  2. b) a widespread knowledge throughout the territory on diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities in this sector;
  3. c) efficient tools for knowledge /research results sharing, especially towards general practitioners, hospital doctors and patient associations.

The project CATTEDRA intends to address these shortcomings by bringing together clinical centers, research centers and companies.


Overall Objective of the Project:

The overall project objective is to bring together, share and improve the therapeutic methodologies and diagnostic possibilities of rare diseases in children. At the time being, the two clinical reference centers of the pediatric age are working independently. It is intended to transfer specialist knowledge from clinical and research centers to important companies in the "Health" sector,  in the Programme Area.